Massive support for full consultation

Have your say

Have your say

Support’s been staggering so far, with over 200 responses in 24 hours. So thank you everyone who’s filled in the support pledge and who’s encouraged other people to do the same.

But we still need more pledges. I’ve done my sums and what will really give us strong support is having pledges from 280 BCU members. Because we’ve also got email addresses, it means we can get back in touch with everyone instantly if we need more support.

So I’m asking everyone who’s given us their support to spread the word on to two more people – ideally BCU/ECA/WCA/SCA/CANI members. That’s how we’ll spread the word. So pick up the phone, send out a text, fire through an email or Facebook a friend. Ask them to read up on this blog and then fill in the support pledge.

So thanks for the help, and keep spreading the word! Together we’ll call for clear representation in the process, and safeguard the future of Holme Pierrepont for all users.

Pete C.


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