Holme Pierrepont plans finally revealed

Holme Pierrepont whitewater course showing the pools that will be filled in.

Holme Pierrepont whitewater course showing the pools that will be filled in.

Holme Pierrepont whitewater course as it is now

Holme Pierrepont whitewater course as it is now

Proposed changes to Holme Pierrepont whitewater course

Proposed changes to Holme Pierrepont whitewater course

Here are the plans at last for this December’s proposed changes to Holme Pierrepont. Have a look and see what you think – and please do share your thoughts in the comments box below…

A few points:

  • The proposed changes use the plastic Omniflot system, much like on the top half of the course as it is now, but with slightly different bollards
  • Much like the earlier plans, most of the deep pools are proposed to be filled in
  • There’s a proposed wall to be built across the Magic Roundabout to seperate the back channels from the main flow
  • The course above the Pyramid pool and below the bottom stopper won’t see many changes
  • This is all we’ve got so far – plans and an artist’s impression. The next stage is computer modelling.

The onus is now on the BCU to persuade the course’s users that these changes will be an improvement. I’ve offered as much help as I can afford to spread the message and to put out the facts.

We need to be able to envisage how the new course will look and perform.

We need to see successful examples of Omniflots in action that are forming the sort of playspots and river features we’re being promised.

We need to see that it’ll support and encourage rafting enough to keep the course earning money and open when it changes ownership.

In short, we’ve got a fantastic and unique facility already – we need persuading that these changes are a guaranteed improvement, rather than hurried modifications for the sake of it. Hundreds of people have pledged their support for full consultation and a deep channel course. Let’s keep up this free and open flow of information, because we need convincing.


6 responses to “Holme Pierrepont plans finally revealed

  1. My immediate concern is that we have all seen how any change affects a much larger area of the course than just the location of the change. When the course was first designed there was pretty extensive real modelling as I suppose computer modelling wasn’t developed then. However will computer modelling give a sufficiently accurate impression of the final result.

    It was widely felt that the new piles at Hurley altered the flow characteristics at certain levels and that was minor compared to what is proposed here.

    The details now posted are surely only a wild guess at the effect the proposal will have on the features.

  2. Gareth Blunden

    Thanks for all the hard work in getting us this far.
    I am however shocked and disgusted at the way the BCU appears to be both wasting it’s limited budget and ignoring the views of it’s members until such a late stage.
    The failure to properly record the consultation appals me, as this means that no useful targets or actions have been set, and no persons can be held accountable for the failure of the design to deliver.
    I can see the rationale behind not wishing to engage further consultation with the users following the modelling process, as each iteration of the design process will prove costly. However the lack of previous consultation on the outline design seems to now be driving the course down the route ‘as designed’
    With start on site around 3 months away, and lack of design information preventing effective procurement the window for action is incredibly small if we are not to get reduced value from the selected contractor. I fear that once again the BCU has pulled out it’s manual of ‘knowing best’ and has been developed to suit the goals of the select few involved with the development.


  3. 1. No attempt to justify or guarantee improvements to the course to the wider user base.

    2. No idea of maintainence costs to make further changes to the course after the redesign and add/remove omniflots

    3. Loss of Muncher a major spot for freestyle for casual users and competition in the UK. What other feature is available 300+ days per year. Possibility that they may be able to replace this with a good feature.

    4. Loss of magic roundabout for squirt boating.


    PS there were several references to the hole designed and omniflots used at Charlotte Whitewater park designed by Scott Shipely. Videos of this can be found on youtube e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTxSuLZsjZM&feature=related

  4. Hello fellow course users!

    Right then a lot of people might already be aware of my opinion on the course changes but here we go…

    I also believe that the BCU’s handling of matters could and should be a lot more forth coming and open to its members, user’s, workers and the paddlers which make up the life and soul of HPP!

    I have been paddling on HPP since it opened in 1986 since that time the course has played and import part in my life been on the GBR Team for 13 years. I have paddled on it as much as anyone and not only in slalom but also freestyle and I have worked in slalom control.

    The changes should not be seen as a negative thing I’m pretty sure the designers brief does not read

    ‘Make a really S***t course that no one can use so all the invested money goes to waste and the sport of canoeing dies on its feet so we can build a mariner on it!’

    The changes are intended to improve the facility especially in the light of recent issues in funding!

    The Ominiflop system (now the World bench mark for WW courses) for those who are unaware ensures that the rivers features can be altered easily by simply lifting an object by hand and placing it to new position or removing it completely and thus altering the waters path.

    Not even the top Physicists in the World can predict the flow and behavior of white water due to its chaotic nature so this system ensures that through experimentation a variety of optimal solutions can be created for different course users as and when required.

    This in my mind creates not only one course but whole scope for new and better course combinations which helps to keep HPP at the forefront of WW paddling for the future. Where paddlers can experience and learn a whole host of features on their door steps giving them more skillsconfidence and helping them to be safer paddlers when going further a field.

    The new development will also hopefully bring more World class competitions to the site, something that has been lacking in recent years, which helps promote the sport to a wider audience!

    I understand everyone’s concerns for the changes to the course they love, but considering last year we were discussing its future in terms of it closing down this re-investment in an ageing facility is surely a plus point with people taking interest in its financial future!

    I would be very interested in what any Slalom paddlers and or Slalom Coaches have to say in the matter as their livelihood (both finance and competition) totally revolves around this World Class sporting facilities worth.

    Yours in sport

    Stu Morris

    Olympic Boat Designer / Boater for life!

  5. Suggestion
    Improve the water quality

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